Taaffeite, 10 carats!

Sapphire Color Suite

See Spot Sit!


Pink Sapphire

Pink Lightning!



Local miner at work

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye

Bringin'em Back Alive!

Natural Blue Sapphire

Blue Star Sapphire

Hessonite Garnet

Rhodalite Garnet

Chrysoberyl & Host

Natural Blue Pair

Chrysoberyl Crystals

Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire Crystals


Yellow Sapphire



Sapphire Suite


Rough Spinel

Only 82 carats!

26 carats!

Handful of Rocks!

Sapphire crystals

3,750 carat Citrine

Aqua Marine

Cleaned "illam"

Green Zircon

Local miner at work

Local miner at work

Washing the "illam"

Local mining

Blue Fire mining ops

Gemming in the jungle

Gem sorting table


Local Village Market

Goods to Market

Old Time Gem Dealers

Jungle Farming Hut

Vintage, 1957

Local Transport

Living Room at "Sriani"

"Sriani" Veranda

Details at "Sriani"

Footpath to "Sriani"

Driveway to "Sriani"

Details at "Sriani"

Main Entrance 

Details at "Sriani"

View from Dambulla Cave

The Aukana Buddha

The "Sriani" Crew

Aligning the gem

Gem Grinding

Gem Grinding

Local Heat Treating

Aligning the gem

Aligning the gem

Downtown Ratnapura

Gem Grinding

Light on the subject.
Tsunami Time 2004-2005

1,100 mosquito nets and school supplies for several schools.

Salt, canned fish and spices

2,500 sleeping mats

“Sriani” being used as a ware house in time of need.

1,100 sets of cooking pots

All that’s left of their home.

Nothing left but each other, fortunately!

The town of Arugum Bay.

Nothing withstood the force of the waves.

The main road from Arugum Bay to Panama.

550 kg of potatoes, 550 kg of onions, 150 kg of garlic, 50 kg of ginger in the “guest” bedroom of “Sriani”.  Laid out to prevent spoilage before transporting to east coast.

These use to be homes.